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Welcome. This site is intended to support the octocoral research community. If you are currently studying any aspect of octocorals – taxonomy, physiology, ecology, economics… – then please join us!  Our primary service at present is the ORN listserv which helps researchers connect and collaborate.  You may join here: ORN listserv.

If you are visiting this site to get help with an identification or aquarium related question, please post to our Google+ group here: Octocoral Interest Group

Another excellent source of general information about Octocorals is the Octocoral Research Center at the California Academy of Science.


International Workshop on the Taxonomy of Octocorals – 2007 – Phuket, Thailand

In the summer of 2006 planning began on the next octocoral workshop; a follow-up to the India workshop held in 2005. Dr. Suchana Apple Chavanich with Chulalongkorn University , Bangkok very kindly offered to organize and plan the workshop. Her students kindly donated their time and talents to assist with this project. Dr. Chulalongkorn arranged …

International Workshop on the Taxonomy of Octocorals – 2005 -Trivandrum, India

The Southwestern coast of India was the setting for this year’s soft coral taxonomy workshop, the first one to be held since 2001. The event was sponsored by the University of Kerala and held in Trivandrum, India from March 21-26, 2005. Representatives from Iran, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, England, India, and the United …